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If users want to apply this system in automatic process, all they need to do is understanding how the system works with I/O signals and do the right setting.

Time Sequence Signal

Program Ready/Mark Ready

Program Ready and Mark Ready signals are programmable. System integrators are able to plan the signal as Program Ready or Mark Ready signal depending on their requirements.The setting method is to open “Config.ini” with notepad which is under the installation folder of MarkingMate and find the parameter “PR2MR=0/1.” If the value is 0, it means enable Program Ready signal. If the value is 1, it means users are using Mark Ready signal.If users cannot find this parameter, they can add this parameter under the “SignalRule” tag by themselves.

If set as Program Ready, the signal will be “OFF” when powering up the computer, and will continuing be “ON” when executing the software until exiting the software. This signal is mainly planned to tell that the marking software is ready.

If set as Mark Ready, the signal will be “ON” when entering “Mark” dialog, and will turn to “OFF” if exiting the dialog.

Ready for Start Signal

Ready for Start signal was called “Mark Ready” before. This signal is initially set as “OFF“.When entering “Mark” dialog, the system will wait for “START” signal, and the signal will become “ON“at this time. After receiving “START” signal, the system will start to mark, and this signal will change to “OFF“. When finishing marking, the system will continue to wait for “START” signal, and the signal will become “ON” again.

If users add a control object “DO PAUSE” into the marking flow, this signal will also be “ON” and waiting for “START” signal when executing to “DO PAUSE” object.


This signal is also programmable. Under Normal Mode, this signal can be planned as “Stop” signal, while in Automation Mode, it can be planned as “Error” signal.

In Normal Mode, when users press “STOP” button to break down the marking process, the “Ready for Start” signal will be “ON” and wait for “START” signal to continue the marking process.

Under Automation Mode, once the program detecting the “Error” signal, the system willexit the “Mark” dialog, and the “Mark Ready” signal will become “OFF” as well as the “Ready for Start” and “Marking End” signals. Only whenthe breakdown hasbeen eliminated and re-enter the “Mark” dialogue, the “Mark Ready” and “Ready for Start” Signal will be changed to be “ON” again.

Mark End/Mark End Pulse

This signal is also programmable. The default setting is Mark End, which means Mark End Pulse Time= 0(this parameter can be changed in Config.ini.)

The signal will be “OFF” at the start when the parameter is set as Mark End.When the marking process finish,it will become “ON.” The signal will be “OFF” again when the system receives “START” signal. If the system stop marking because of “DO PAUSE” (Ready for Startsignal will be ON at this time), then even receive “START” signal again and continue marking process (Ready for Startsignal will become OFF), the “Marking End” signal will stillbe “OFF” until the marking finished.

If set as Mark End Pulse signal (Mark End Pulse Time was assigned as acertain value), it will be “OFF” at the beginning and will become “ON” when marking process finish. However, the time this signal keeps “ON” is according to the value of Mark End Pulse Time.

Fig are the signal time sequence under Normal Mode and Automation Mode.

signal time sequence
signal time sequence - automation mode

Machine Check Error Message Planning

Enable Machine Check function, users can edit some I/O signals and error messages to help themrealize what happen while mistakes took place.


To activate Machine Check function, users need to open a file “config.ini” which is under the installation folder of MarkingMate(for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\MarkingMate) first and then change the value of parameter “MachineChk=” from “0” to “1.” Otherwise, users can also enable this function by MarkingMate and the path is「File」→「Option」→「System」 →「Machine Check」, see Fig.

machine check

If users want to activate the error message, change the value of parameter “MachineChk_ShowMessage=” (which is also under the file “config.ini“) from “0” to “1.”

Mark reach max amount: Signal will be sent out while mark count reach target amount.
Autotext reach max amount: Signal will be sent out while serial number reach End value.

2.Edit Messages

To edit the erroe message, please open the file “MachineChk.cfg” which is also under the installation folder of MarkingMate(for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\MarkingMate).

Table is the description of the error message.

Please note that this file is not under the folder of “MachineChk.”

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