Can Fiber Laser Marking Machine Mark Plastic Products?

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Fiber laser marking machine can mark some plastic products.

The output power of the fiber laser marking machine is generally not high. As long as the parameters are adjusted properly, the laser will only evaporate a thin layer of the surface without burning the plastic itself.

However, fiber laser markers are only suitable for part of the plastic. If the marking materials are all non-metals, it is recommended to use a CO2 laser marking machine to engrave.

When mark general plastics, you can adjust the parameters and try several times. For example, the power, speed and frequency are set to the middle value. If you want to mark deep black, the power is generally higher, and the speed and frequency are lower. But plastic is easy to foam, so it should be adjusted slowly according to the specific material.

Laser markings on plastics are generally permanent and cannot be wiped off unless the surface is scraped off. Therefore, it is very suitable to use the laser marking machine to mark the production date and the anti-counterfeiting mark.

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