Can Laser Welding Machine Weld Aluminum?

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Can Laser Welding Machine Weld Aluminum?

Aluminum products are relatively common in life, such as aluminum alloy doors and windows. Aluminum is in high demand and is one of the most affordable and applicable materials. They are a little more difficult to weld and process than other materials. But laser welding machines can weld aluminum.

Laser welding aluminum alloys is now relatively mature. When the laser beam irradiates the surface of aluminum parts, the heat generated spreads rapidly to the inside, melting the aluminum to form a specific molten pool, which is suitable for welding aluminum plates, precision parts, etc.

Laser welding machine is comprehensive and powerful. Welding aluminum with laser welding machine can increase the welding speed and productivity on one hand, and reduce the heat input and improve the welding quality on the other hand.

Laser welding machine is a reliable new welding machine with better welding quality than other welding equipment.

What should be paid attention to when welding aluminum with laser welding machine?

1. Pay attention to cleaning the surface of aluminum parts.

Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, its nature is relatively active and easy to oxidation, so the surface is easy to attach dust, moisture. If the aluminum parts are not cleaned before welding, it will lead to impurities retained on the workpiece, affecting the quality of the final product.

2. Pay attention to the generation of porosity.

During the welding of aluminum with a laser welding machine, distortion may occur. That’s because the pores in the welding make the weld swell and deform, which will affect the beauty of the product presented.

If an experienced technician can overcome this problem.

3. Pay attention to the power of the laser welding machine.

The power required for different aluminum thicknesses is different. If the power is not enough, the welding firmness may face challenges. It is best to choose a laser welding machine of the appropriate model and power according to the thickness and size of the product.

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