Can the Laser Marking Machine Mark on Copper? How to Set the Parameters?

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There are dozens of laser marking equipment, but the ones that can mark on metal material copper are semiconductor laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines, and UV laser marking machines.

The price of UV laser marking machine is relatively high, and it is suitable for marking high-end plastic products. It is relatively uneconomical to mark metal copper.

So, how to set the parameters of metal copper fiber laser marking machine and semiconductor laser marking machine?

Since metallic copper is a highly reflective material, especially mirrored copper, you can imagine that ancient Chinese women used copper as a mirror when they comb hair and makeup, indicating that copper has a high reflectivity to light. When it is marked with a laser, its reflectivity to the laser is also very high. Laser marking does not actually use a lot of laser energy, so the reflected light is very strong during the marking process, but the depth of the engraving is very shallow, which also increases the difficulty of laser marking copper materials. This is also the reason why there are only two or three types of laser marking machine that can mark on metal copper.

First of all, when using a fiber laser marking machine for marking on copper, the parameter settings are as follows:

1. Slow down the marking speed and use high frequency.

2. The marking power should be moderate, not too large. Excessive power will lead to a worse light pattern, thereby leading to a higher reflectivity.

3. Use small format field lens for processing.

4. Try to make the laser spot mode the best. The marking effect is better with a pulse width adjustable fiber laser marking machine, the pulse width is moderate, and the spot is softer and better.

Secondly, when marking metal copper with a semiconductor laser marking machine, there is not much change in laser parameter debugging, but the temperature of the chiller is adjusted well before marking to make the laser output more stable. Other parameters of the fiber laser marking machine can be borrowed. Use slow speed, high frequency, 50%-60% power, moderate pulse width to set up, and you will get a satisfactory laser marking effect.

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