What Checks Are Required for Laser Marking Machines Before Operation?

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Laser marking machine has good beam quality, small size, high marking accuracy, and the speed is 3 times that of the traditional machine. Usually, it does not need to replace the water, change the light, and adjust the optical path. The life span is up to 100,000 hours. There is no depletion of materials. But in order for the laser marking machine to have quality work, some necessary inspections need to be carried out.

1. Check the cooling fan

Before using the laser marking machine, check whether its cooling fan is normal. The laser and galvanometer power of laser marking machine can be started only under normal conditions, otherwise the service life of laser marking machine will be affected.

2. Check the voltage protection

If you are not sure whether the voltage is stable, you can equip the laser marking machine with a power regulator to work in a stable state. Once the power supply or other abnormal conditions occur during work, do not panic, turn off the main power switch, and check the cause of the failure after three minutes.

3. Check the working environment

Some working environments are not conducive to the normal operation of laser marking machine. Do not work in airtight conditions, as it is easy to generate static electricity. The workplace should be well ventilated. The air humidity should be above 80%. If it is too low, static electricity will be generated. If it is too high, it will damage the electronic parts of laser marking machine.

4. Regularly clean the dust

The laser marking machine needs to clean the dust from the inside to the outside every once in a while. Otherwise, the normal work of the laser marking machine will be affected. It also leads to the inflexibility of the small electronic components inside.

5. Installation and handling

When installing, pay attention to the grounding of the whole machine. Pay attention to the power connection, otherwise abnormal power failure may lead to abnormal work of the equipment.

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