CO2 Laser Engraving Machine Application for Fabric and Leather Automatic Punching

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laser punching fabric

In many fabric applications, it is necessary to punch holes to achieve certain needs, such as: perforation of clothing vents, decorative styles, filter materials, etc. Here we introduce the equipment for perforating fabric and leather – laser perforating machine / laser engraving machine / laser marking machine. It is a very popular punching equipment in recent years. Compared with traditional mechanical punching, laser punching has many technological advantages.

The advantages of fabric co2 laser engraving machine

1. The punching speed is very fast, and a large area of fabric can be punched in a few seconds.

2. The aperture is consistent, the error is small, the effect is beautiful, and it is suitable for mass production.

3. The operation is simple and easy to get started. You only need to import graphics into the computer software to quickly realize the cutting of cloth, hollow punching, and carving, whether square, round or other special-shaped apertures can be easily completed.

4. High safety, safe operation, less hidden danger, basically no harm to human body.

5. The later equipment maintenance cost is low, highly mechanized, and labor cost is low.

6. The light source is stable, the life is long, and it can run smoothly for 24 hours.

7. Configure the dynamic focus function, the user can adjust the distance between the moving lens and the focusing lens through this function to realize the switching of different marking planes.

8. Applicable to most non-metallic materials, such as leather, cloth, wood, bamboo, paper, organic materials, acrylic, etc.

The fabric co2 laser marking/engraving machine can be used for perforating non-woven fabrics in the medical industry, perforating breathable holes of yoga pants, and perforating decorative leather uppers. It can also be used for marking graphic patterns on fabrics, engraving acrylic surfaces, etc.

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