CO2 Laser Marking Expiry Date on Plastic Water Bottle

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Laser marking machines can achieve very fine and precise markings and can create legible patterns, text, barcodes, serial numbers, etc. on small-sized plastic water bottles, providing flexibility and convenience for personalized customization.

These markings won’t wear or rub off easily, providing long-lasting durability. This is of great benefit for product traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

The CO2 laser marking machine uses a non-contact marking method without physical contact, which reduces the risk of damage to plastic water bottles. It also avoids possible pollution problems caused by traditional lettering methods and meets environmental protection requirements.

Laser engraver for bottles have the advantages of high precision, permanence, non-contact, high efficiency, versatility, and environmental friendliness, making them ideal for marking and traceability of plastic water bottles.

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