Application of CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Ceramic Engraving

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Ceramics have a long cultural history and have appeared in the early stages of the development of human civilization. With the progress of human civilization, ceramics are gradually integrated into our lives because of their increasingly exquisite shapes. Ceramic products can be seen everywhere in our lives.

The application of ceramic laser marking machine has promoted the development of ceramic technology and solved the problem of ceramic letters marking and pattern engraving. Traditional manual engraving is gradually replaced by laser marking due to its high difficulty in operation, low efficiency, and difficulty in mass production.

The ceramic laser marking machine introduces laser technology and is equipped with high-quality carbon dioxide lasers, which can quickly realize the engraving of characters, patterns, logos, date batch numbers and other information. The mechanized operation ensures the consistency of ceramic batch engraving and greatly improves the aesthetics. The CO2 laser marking machine engraves exquisite lines on the ceramics, giving the ceramic products unique beauty. Ceramic co2 laser marking machine has greatly promoted the improvement of ceramic process.

Advantages of ceramic co2 laser marking machine

1. The mark will be stored permanently, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.

2. The degree of refinement is high, and the small pattern text can be displayed clearly.

3. The marking speed is fast, which can be matched with the production line, suitable for batch processing.

4. Process improvement, improve the quality of ceramic products, and increase market competitiveness.

5. A wide range of applications, suitable for marking and engraving on various non-metallic materials.

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