How to connect the foot switch of the laser marking board?

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For the laser marking software EzCad:

A. Key “F3” parameters – Port, find “Start Marking IO”, select the “Input” port number. It is necessary to select the generic IO port on the board. The input port number on the software should correspond to the GIN number on the board (note: it is not the pin number, but the generic input port number corresponding to the pin).

Just connect the switch signal of the foot switch to the input port, and connect the other signal to the GND on the board.

The level is set to HIGH, because it is connected to the 5V power supply, and the laser marking starts to work after the power is turned on. If the low level is selected, the marking will continue without pressing the foot switch.

select the generic IO port
gin-port connected

B. The output port drives relay

Users often use the marking end output port to drive the relay, and the OC output of the USB standard board Out4/5/6/7 can realize the function of output port to drive relay. The output signal Out0/1/2/3 is TTL output. The TTL output must avoid short circuit or grounding, otherwise it will damage the board. The output current is about 8-15mA. This current is difficult to drive the relay, so OC output must be used at this time ( The Card Lite does not support OC output).

OC output setting method: jump to OC Out on the board jumper JP8/9/10/11. The specific wiring method is as shown in the figure below. Especially when connecting an inductive load (such as an inductive relay), be sure to connect the COM signal (pin 3) to the positive terminal of the power supply. OC output allows drive current to be 250mA, and the drive voltage 40V.


Why is the light emitted twice when it is triggered once?

First, it is because the enable start signal latch mode is checked. If the hardware is okay, it can be effectively solved after unchecking.

Second, you may use a relay to send signals, but because the relay is prone to jitter during the triggering process, it is recommended to confirm the stability of the relay first, add an arc extinguishing device or replace the relay.

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