Custom Laser Engraving Machine for Wood

Linxuan manufactures different types(small, handheld, portable, table, flying, etc.) of reliable laser engraving machines for wood. According to your needs, we provide custom laser engraving wood solutions for you. Choose the best wood laser engraving machine!

co2 laser engraving machine for wood
wood laser engraving

Features of Laser Engraver for Wood

Low requirements for the operator, who can master the skills of operating the laser equipment after a short training period.
Highly flexible, even very complex graphics can be marked by advanced engraving software controlling the machine.
Compared to traditional hand engraving of wood products, the speed is much faster and the marked defective products will be greatly reduced.

Professional Wood Laser Engraving Machine Manufacturer in China

The wood laser engraver is mainly a CO2 laser engraving machine, its wavelength is 10.64um, which is different from the YAG machine, so non-metallic materials absorb it better. We have carefully adjusted this special CO2 laser engraving equipment for wood to achieve better marking efficiency and more precision.

If it is just simple marking or engraving on wood, then a 10W to 100W wood engraving machine is fine. If you want to make large-format and thick graphics, choose a high-power CO2 laser marker, better 300W. Raw wood is by far the most commonly used laser processing material, it is easy to engrave and cut.

Our wood laser engraving and marking solutions are available in a wide range of power levels to achieve different laser effects on various wood materials. This guarantees that you receive the ideal product for your requirements.

Each CO2 laser engraver for wood undergoes strict quality control. Guaranteed high-quality, certified, and versatile. All products are cost-effective, low MOQ, and easy to produce.

Series of Best Laser Engravers for Wood

By Features

Mini Small Laser Engraver for Wood

Mini Small Laser Engraver for Wood

For marking small items in small quantities, choose this small all-in-one for space-saving, and family use.

co2 laser engraving machine for wood

Portable Wood Engraving Machine

Easy to carry, flexible, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient. It can meet various marking needs and is very convenient.

Desktop Laser Engraver for Wood

Desktop Laser Marking Machine for Wood

The equipment is cost-effective, has a stable laser output, a wide range of applications, high marking accuracy, and is simple to operate.

LX-A104-handheld fiber laser marking machine 01

Hand Held Wood Engraving Machine

The solution to the problem of laser marking on large wood. Small, handy, and very flexible for handheld work.

3D Laser Engraving Wood Machine

3D Laser Engraving Wood Machine

Using 3D software system algorithm and 3D galvanometer to realize automatic focus and solve various curved surface marking problems.

Custom Wood Laser Engraving Machine

Custom Wood Laser Engraving Machine

Various customized functional accessories include a double station, rotating plate, CCD vision positioning system, dust removal system, etc.

Laser Wood Engraver Benefits and Advantages

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The CO2 laser engraving machine for wood does not damage the workpiece, the mark on the wood surface is very clear, and the edge is also smooth.

firm marking of laser engraving wood

The marking is firm and will not fade due to the environment (touch, acid and alkaline gas, high and low temperature, etc.).

wood laser engraving software

The laser power is controlled by software and continuously adjustable, which can realize marking and cutting on a product at the same time.

mass laser engraving wood

Linxuan wood laser engraving/marking machine has fast processing speed and stable performance, which is suitable for mass processing and improves economic benefits.

Why Choose Linxuan to Customize Your Products

Linxuan Laser is a professional service provider of industrial laser technology applications and laser equipment, and has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in producing innovative laser engravers for wood.

We provide our customers with professional laser technology and non-standard automation solutions. The whole system has high engraving/marking precision, fast speed, extremely stable performance, and can work continuously for long periods of time.

Competitive pricing is offered for your orders.

high quality laser marking system

High-quality Selection

Perfect quality management system and efficient production process.
We ensure that the product quality of each link is up to standard.

Custom Requirements

Linxuan laser systems are widely used in various industries such as mobile phones, automotive electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, lighting fixtures, etc. We provide various automated online laser engraving/marking solutions according to customer requirements.

custom laser engraving system
laser engraving support

After Sales

Pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales service systems.
Training, maintenance, equipment failure repair, and process debugging support.

Applications of Laser Marking Machine for Wood

Wood laser marking machines have many application scenarios in wood processing and related industries.

Furniture Manufacturing

Wood laser marking machines can engrave brand logos, patterns, or decorative text on the surface of furniture to enhance the uniqueness and quality of the product. For example, marking wooden chairs with the furniture manufacturer’s trademark and style information.

Handicrafts and Gifts

Wood is a common material for making handicrafts and gifts, and laser engraving machines can carve exquisite patterns, text, or personalized designs on the surface of wooden handicrafts. For example, mark a wooden photo frame with a portrait or texture.

Architecture and Interior Decoration

Wooden decoration plays an important role in architecture and interior design. Laser marking machines for wood can engrave patterns and customized designs on wooden components such as boards, floors, doors, and windows, adding unique style and personality to buildings and interior decorations. For example, mark wooden floors with an antique pattern or a custom pattern.

Musical Instrument Manufacturing

Many musical instruments use wood as a production material, and laser marking machines can engrave brands, models, artistic patterns, or personalized designs on the surface of the instrument to enhance the identification and aesthetics of the instrument. For example, mark the lid of an acoustic guitar with manufacturer and instrument series information.

Packaging and Advertising

Wooden packaging boxes, displays, and billboards often require customized logos and designs. The laser marking machine for wood can engrave trademarks, text, barcodes, and other logos on wooden packaging boxes or display racks to enhance the brand image and packaging quality of the product. For example, mark the company name and product information on wooden gift boxes.

How to Choose the Right Laser Marking Machine for Wood?

Here are some considerations when choosing a laser marking machine for wood:

Power and Beam Quality

Wood typically requires higher-power lasers to ensure clearly visible markings. Choosing a laser marking machine with high power output and good beam quality can achieve better results.

Marking Speed and Efficiency

Considering production needs, choose equipment with sufficiently high marking speed and efficiency to improve production efficiency.

Marking Area Size and Workbench Area

Choose equipment with a large enough marking area and an appropriately sized workbench area based on the size and shape of the wood to be marked.

Automation and Integration Capabilities

If batch production or integration with other automation systems is required, choosing equipment with automation capabilities and easy integration will improve production efficiency and workflow.

Software and Control Systems

Check that the equipment has software and control systems that are easy to use, fully functional, and support the required mark design and data processing capabilities.

Reliability and Durability

Choose proven brands and equipment suppliers to ensure that the equipment has good reliability and durability to reduce maintenance and failure rates and achieve long-term stable operation.

Safety and Environmental Friendliness

Consider the safety features of the equipment, such as protective covers, emergency stop buttons, etc. In addition, choose equipment that meets environmental protection standards and avoid the use of materials or chemicals that are harmful to the operator or the environment.

Technical Support and After-sales service

Understand the technical support and after-sales service provided by the supplier, including support in training, maintenance, and parts supply.

Taking the above factors into consideration, choosing a suitable laser marking machine for wood marking according to specific needs will be able to meet your production requirements and obtain satisfactory marking results.

Wood Laser Engraving Machine Price

Please tell us the details of your needs and we will suggest the best laser engraver for wood.