Daily Operation and Maintenance of Laser Marking Machine

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1. Marking parameters of the marking machine, the electric current should not exceed 20A, so as to avoid laser burns to each lens.

2. Before the laser marking machine works, the chiller must be turned on and wait for the real-time temperature to be consistent with the set temperature, and the difference should not exceed 0.5°C.

3. The circulating water of the chiller is replaced once a week to half a month, and the replacement has nothing to do with the frequency and time of the laser marking machine.

4. The filter element of the chiller is checked frequently and replaced regularly.

5. When cleaning the mirror surface of the laser marker, only use more than 98% alcohol to wash it with a cotton swab, and wipe it slightly to prevent damage to the mirror coating.

6. The laser marking machine should be strictly prevented from bumping to avoid damage to the internal lens.

7. Specially-assigned person should be arranged for the use and maintenance of laser marking machine.

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