Solutions for different depths of graphics and texts marked by laser marking machines

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Laser marking machine has a wide range of applications. Many words on various electronic components, building materials, etc. are marked by laser marking machines. However, there will be some glitches when using this device. For example, the marking text and patterns are different in depth. So how should this situation be handled?

1. The lens is stained or scuffed


If there are stains, you can use cotton swabs and alcohol to scrub the lens, beam expander, focusing lens. Wipe the surface material. Remember not to use hard objects to wipe the lens.

If the lens is scratched or otherwise damaged, it can only be replaced.

2. The optical path is deviated


If the optical path deviates, just readjust it. Check to see if it is aligned with the outside line.

3. The marking speed is too fast and the filling method is unreasonable


Reduce the marking speed and adjust the original filling method. In addition, check the position of the workpiece and readjust the focus.

4. The current problem of the laser marking machine


If the power supply current of the device is too small, it will also affect the different depths of the marked graphics and texts. At this time, it is necessary to increase the current of the laser power supply and reduce the frequency of the marking machine, so that the laser marking machine can run normally to avoid marking the word too shallow.

For the problem of different depths of graphics and texts in the laser marking machine, you can refer to the above methods to solve.

Of course, the better way is to prevent it when you use it. Usually, pay more attention to the working state of the laser marking machine, and eliminate the hidden danger before the problem occurs.

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