Does the Laser Marking Machine Consume a Lot of Power?

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Seeing a laser marking machine, some people may feel that it is very power-hungry. In fact, the laser marking machine has a very high photoelectric conversion rate, and the laser power consumption is not much.

How Much Electricity Does a Laser Engraver Use?

20W laser marking machine power consumption

Generally, the power of a 20w laser marking machine is about 500W, so the power consumption for 1 hour is 0.5 kWh. Calculated according to 8 hours, it is 4 kWh of electricity, and the specific cost depends on the local electricity bill.

Power consumption of 50W laser marking machine

Generally, the total power of the 50w laser marking machine is about 750w.

The power consumption of laser marking machine is relatively low. So, power consumption is not our concern.

Advantages of laser marking machine

1. It has the advantages of fast speed, high precision, good quality and small deformation, which greatly improves the appearance and brand effect of the product.

2. Wide range of applications. Almost any material can be engraved, marked, or coded.

3. No need to open the mold. Computer editing, easy deformation, not limited by output, greatly shorten the development cycle of new products and reduce development costs.

4. Simple to use. Any employee can learn the normal operation process of laser marking equipment in a short time.

5. Protect the environment. There are no products that are unfavorable to the environment, and further profit value is created on the basis of being environmentally friendly.

6. It can mark a variety of materials and surfaces of various shapes, without causing unstable operation and other situations.

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