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To draw a dot in the working space is one of the easiest drawing operations. When selected, the mouse pointer will be changed into a cross feature, and users just press the left button of the mouse in an appropriate place, a dot can be drawn. Also users can draw more dots by pressing the left button, when it is finished, user can press the right button of the mouse to end the drawing command, and then the last dot drawn is displayed as selected object.

Under dot drawing mode, the Present Command Toolbar will be displayed as:

draw point 1
draw point 2

used to draw a dot.

draw point 3

If users press this button, a set of dots with equal distance will be placed along a curve. Click this button, the tool bar becomes:

draw point 5

Point num: the amount of dots settled on the curve.

Point dist: the distance between the two bordered dots.

Start Offset: the distance between the first dot and the beginning of the curve.

Note: if it can’t carry all the points, system will put remaining points from the start of the curve till finish all the points use set in ‘Point num’.

draw point 4

use can set point distance as user need, system will calculate point num as the point distance.

draw point 6

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