What is the problem when opening EzCad laser marking software with an error – Can not find the dongle?

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When starting the EzCad2 laser marking software with an error – “can not find dongle! Software will work at demo state.” or “lmc_OpenDriver fail“.

ezcad can not find dongle
lmc_OpenDriver fail

There may be some reasons, please check:

1. Confirm whether the marking card needs an external dongle.

At present, the mainstream marking cards are all integrated dongles and do not require an external USB dongle, but the old version marking cards still require an external USB dongle.

2. Wrong boot-up sequence

The correct order to turn on the laser marking machine: turn on all device switches first, then start the EZCAD2 software. If you start the software first and then turn on the machine, it will not work, just close the software and start it again at this point.

3. Insufficient power supply

The marking card needs a stable 5V 3A switching power supply for its power supply. Before connecting the marking card, be sure to measure whether the output of the switching power supply is 5V.

4. Whether the driver is installed correctly.

device is correctly installed, it will display BJJCZ Device

In the device manager, if the marking card device is correctly installed, it will display BJJCZ Device, otherwise, it will display an exclamation point or another device name.

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5. Check the USB connection.

The USB connection includes whether the marking card is in good contact with the USB, whether the USB cable is on, and whether the USB cable is in good contact with the U port of the industrial computer. The user can replace the USB cable, the U port, and make the USB contact well and other methods.

6. Electromagnetic interference

There is a certain probability that there may be electromagnetic interference on site, causing USB communication to be interfered.

7. Incorrect software version.

The driver settings of each manufacturer have certain differences. If the software and drivers that are not attached to the device are installed, the error message may appear, and the solution can be solved by replacing the original software.

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