Ezcad error: IPG laser temperature is too high

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The laser marking machine did not run for a long time, and the marking software Ezcad reminded that the IPG laser temperature is too high. What is the reason? How to troubleshoot?

1. The temperature of laser marking machine is too high

Due to the operating environment and weather, the heat dissipation effect of the laser is not good, and the internal temperature has increased to a certain extent, causing the machine to fail to operate normally, and the software will appear prompt.

Solution: Shut down the laser marking machine. Usually use to maintain ventilation and good habits. It is best to let the machine work in a low-temperature environment. The maximum temperature should not exceed 50 degrees.

2. The laser mark control board is damaged

Second-hand or low-quality LMC boards are prone to a certain degree of damage, resulting in various error reminders which may be mechanical failure or IPG laser temperature is too high.

Solution: replace the laser mark control board.

3. Laser damage

Damage to the laser causes uneven heat dissipation or data transmission errors, which can also result in the above reminder.

Solution: Return the laser to the laser marking machine manufacturer for repair or purchase a new laser.

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