EzCad2 Error: “MFC Application has stopped working” in Win10

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There is an error message “MFC Application has stopped working” when running Ezcad in Win10. What is the reason?

This is basically due to system incompatibility.

Two solutions are provided below.

1. Compatibility Mode

1. Right-click the EzCad2 icon on the system desktop and select [Properties];

2. Switch to the [Compatibility] tab in the properties interface, then check [Run this program in compatibility mode for] under the compatibility mode, select [Windows 7] in the drop-down menu, and click Apply – OK.

win 10 Compatibility

2. Roll back the system to 1703

1. Click [Start] — [Settings] — [Update and Security];

2. Select [Restore], then click the [Start] button to roll back!

The premise of rollback: the windows.old file is not deleted!

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