What Are the Features of CCD Vision Positioning Laser Marking Machine?

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1. Precisely guide the laser marking position. Within the field of view of machine vision, it provides all-round (disorderly placement of products, arbitrary angle placement), any number, and automatic camera recognition of product marking, thereby eliminating the tedious process of manually correcting the galvanometer.

2. The camera has a large imaging field of view and is suitable for marking any flat product. You can choose static or flying-guided laser marking to meet the different needs of customers.

Flying Laser Marking Metal Parts for High Speed Industrial Production Line

3. It can be integrated with laser light paths of various wavelengths such as fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, and ultraviolet lasers. It can be controlled by guide rails to realize splicing marking of large-format products, which is suitable for most products.

4. The marked characters can be recognized (OCR), compared with barcode and QR code identification, and can be connected to the MES system through network port or serial port communication.

5. The software is independently developed and supports non-standard customization. It can add XYZ axes and insert various assembly lines according to the actual product characteristics. It can also be connected to a vibrating plate and an automatic feeding machine to realize fully automatic visual positioning marking.

6. The simple operation interface + one-key correction function makes the operation easier and clear, ordinary employees can get started.

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