Fiber Laser Marking for Animal Ear Tags

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Laser marking technology can be applied to various types of animal ear tags, including plastic ear tags, metal ear tags, etc. It has high precision and adjustable parameter settings, which can meet the requirements of ear tags of different materials and sizes.

Laser Marking Ear Tags Samples

Laser Marking Ear Tags Advantages

Accurate and Fast Data Collation and Storage

Laser marking machines can accurately mark animal ear tags and quickly collate and store the data in a computer system, which is beneficial to the long-term financial returns of the farm.


The markings created by fiber laser engraver on animal ear tags are permanent and will not wear, fade, or peel. This ensures long-lasting visibility of the logo and avoids the need to regularly replace labels or logos.

High Definition and Precision

Laser marking technology can achieve very high resolution and accuracy, and can engrave clear and detailed logo patterns, characters, or numbers on small-sized animal ear tags. This is important for tracing, identifying, and documenting individual animals.

Tamper Resistance and Security

The markings created by laser marking machines are difficult to tamper with or remove. This is very important to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the information on animal ear tags, especially in animal husbandry, animal research, and management.

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