Fishing Rod Laser Marking and Engraving Equipment Application

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laser marking on fishing rod

Facing the high speed of life rhythm, fishing is more and more popular as a relaxing outdoor sport. In the eyes of anglers, each fishing rod has its own unique style and function. And the logo and other designs on the fishing rod also need to use a laser marking machine.

Laser Marking/Engraving on PVC Pipe for Text, Date, Logo, Code

Using the laser marking machine to make patterns and logos on the surface of the fishing rod can not only improve the appearance design of the fishing rod and increase the added value, but also play a role in brand promotion and standardize the market order.


1. The spot of ultraviolet laser is delicate, and the marking is clear and beautiful.

2. Applicable to a wide range of materials.

3. The marking speed is fast, and it supports mass-produced.

4. The pattern setting is flexible and convenient, and complex pattern engraving can be realized.

5. The machine is compact and occupies a small area.

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