Four Delay Time: Laser On TC, Laser Off TC, End TC, Polygon TC

in Ezcad Manual,
four TC

Laser On TC: When the scanhead has to execute a mark command, the scanner mirrors first have to be accelerated up to the defined marking speed. In the beginning of the movement, the laser focus moves very slowly which may result to burn-in effect at the start point. To avoid this, We insert a delay (Laser On TC) at the beginning of each mark command. When the laser eventually turns on, the mirrors have already reached a certain velocity. However, if this value is too large, the first part of the vector will be cut off. Also negative value is supported.

Laser Off TC: The delay time of the laser shutting down after marking finished. Proper time can wipe off the burn-in effect at the end. This value cannot be negative.

End TC: The End TC parameter is used to control how long the software will wait at the end of a series of vectors. The wait is required because the software is always “ahead” of the hardware and must wait for the hardware to catch up. This delay applies to the end of all vectors in which the laser is to be turned off after execution.

Polygon TC: The Polygon TC parameter is used to control how long the software will wait at vector connection points. The wait is required due to the lag time between the software/DAC position and the actual hardware/mirror position. This timer applies to all vectors whose endpoint is also the start point of the next vector (polygon connection points). In other words, this timer applies to end of all vectors in a series of connected vectors, except for the last one (the end of last one is controlled by the End TC parameter). The three connected points in a square or the intermediate connection points in a polyline circle are examples of points the Polygon TC parameter can effect. The starting point of the square is controlled by Laser On TC parameter. The last corner of the square is controlled with the End TC timer.

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