Four Points to Note When Buying a Portable Laser Marking Machine

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Portable fiber laser marking machine has all the advantages of desktop fiber laser marking machine. The volume is reduced, and the marking effect is no different from that of the desktop.

The one-piece structure is easy to carry and can be placed in the trunk of the car, with low energy consumption, and can be used for outdoor marking with a battery inverter.

1. Performance

The better the performance of the portable fiber laser marking machine, the more stable the continuous marking operation will be, the less chance of failure, and the more worry-free it will be to use.

2. Accessories

The brand used for the accessories of the portable fiber laser marking machine is an important factor in judging the performance. You can choose reasonably according to your own budget and needs.

3. Manufacturer selection

Different manufacturers will have different prices. Therefore, you must choose a reliable manufacturer, preferably R&D, design and production, as well as selling the entire equipment manufacturer, and the quality and cost-effectiveness of the manufacturer’s machines are the most affordable.

4. Service

Qualified manufacturers will have a complete after-sales service system and have dedicated technicians for online guidance. Therefore, consider whether the laser marker manufacturer‘s after-sales service is perfect .

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