What is the function of the red light pointer system of the laser marking machine?

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I believe that users who have used laser marking machines know the importance of the red light pointer system. A complete laser marking machine will definitely include the red light pointer system, also known as red light adjustment. There are many functions of red light adjustment, which play an important role in operating the laser marking machine.

What is the function of the red light indicating system of the laser marking machine?

The function of red light adjustment mainly includes the following three points:

1. It is used as a light pointer to adjust the optical path of the resonant cavity. Such as krypton lamp laser coding machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, and so on.

2. As the light pointer for marking and positioning of the laser marking machine, according to the different marking software, it can be divided into a variety of pointer methods such as marking focus pointer, 9-point pointer, length and width range pointer, and overall analog pointer.

3. The red light can also be used as the focal point of the laser marking machine, that is, the indication of the marking distance. For example, the overlapping distance of the two red light points is exactly the distance of the marking field lens. In this case, it is not necessary to use a steel ruler to measure the marking distance every time the product is replaced, which reduces the operation steps and speeds up the process of marking.

It should be noted that to turn on the red light adjustment, the operator needs to have a certain understanding of the equipment. For example, the red light adjustment of the general laser marking machine manufacturer is turned on in the marking software.

ezcad2 red light pointer
Ezcad2 red light pointer

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