How is 3D Surface Laser Marking Achieved?

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laser marking on curved surface

The application of laser marking in life is very extensive. Whether it is the advertising industry, handicraft industry, cosmetics industry or electronics industry, there are lasers everywhere. However, with the popularization of laser technology, the requirements for laser marking technology have also changed, from flat marking to three-dimensional marking, curved surface marking, etc. So, how does the laser achieve curved surface marking?

Because many of the objects marked by laser are curved, such as cylindrical vacuum cup marking, sphere marking, round tube marking, etc. According to different marking requirements, laser marking curved surfaces are mainly divided into two ways.

1. When the bending width of the product is small or the object is relatively small, 3D laser marking machine can be selected for direct marking.

2. When the curved surface of the product is large or the object is large, it is necessary to customize a special fixture, and cooperate with the 3D laser marking machine to realize the marking while rotating, so as to achieve the effect of marking the curved surface.

3D curved surface laser marking machine is equipped with 3D dynamic laser marking control hardware and software, and is equipped with a special three-dimensional galvanometer, which controls the laser beam to mark on any 3D curved surface, and realizes customized processing of various curved surface materials.


1. This model is equipped with a fiber laser, which can achieve metal and plastic surface marking.

2. The model is compact and occupies a small area.

3. The marking speed is fast and the effect is fine.

4. It can be used with the fixture to achieve complex surface marking.

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