How Much Is a Laser Marking Machine?

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how much is laser marker

With the continuous expansion of the application of laser marking machines, various laser marking machine manufacturers have sprung up. Faced with the uneven price and quality in the market, customers are at a loss when choosing the model. Laser marking machines are more and more widely used in industrial laser processing. In the face of different product marking requirements on the market, different types of laser marking machine models have been produced. The general public are collectively referred to as laser marking machines. Some people call it laser engraving machine, laser coding machine, laser typewriter, laser printing machine and so on.

What determines the price of laser marking machine? What price of laser marking machine do I need to buy?

laser marking machine price

The materials and processes used to produce laser marking machines will affect the price of laser marking equipment. The actual use of the laser marking machine will determine the price of the equipment to a greater extent. Different types of laser marking machines have their own marking requirements.


Different brands of laser marking machines have different prices. The brand determines the quality, and the value determines the price.


The price is naturally different for different configurations, and the price is qualitative according to the good and bad of the configuration. With good laser configuration, marking effect naturally has advantages, the service life is longer, and the operation is more convenient. In the configuration, more consideration should be given to the laser, laser galvanometer and laser marking software.


Different models have different prices. Before purchasing a laser marking machine, the material, type, marking content, marking effect of the product to be marked, and whether it needs to meet the production method of the assembly line, should be analyzed and judged through these points to determine whether it is suitable for marking. Marking machines, the reason for considering these factors is not only to better meet the marking needs, but also to avoid unnecessary capital investment. Common laser marking machines are mainly divided into: fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, different models, different materials, their prices are also different.


The power is different, the price is also different. Generally, the power of fiber laser marking machine is divided into 20W, 30W, 50W, the power of CO2 laser marking machine is 20W, 30W, 60W, and the power of UV laser marking machine is 3W, 5W.

Production process and technical level

Different local markets, their production process and technical level in the production process of laser marking machine are different, which also leads to the price gap of laser marking machines between different manufacturers.

After-sales service

The too cheap laser marking machine basically has no warranty period. It is either second-hand or poor in configuration and craftsmanship. Such a marking machine must have more problems and more maintenance, and no one will buy at a loss. Generally, the guarantee period of laser marking machine is one year, so the price is relatively favorable. The high-end laser company basically guarantees two years or more.

In summary, it is recommended that when buying a laser marking machine, you should not only consider the price, but in the long-term, consider the brand, quality, after-sales and other factors.

Is it necessary to buy a high-power laser marking machine?

laser marking machine high power

The power mentioned on the laser marking machine is the same thing as the power of the electrical appliances commonly used in our daily life. After all, the laser marking machine is also a kind of electrical appliance. Electric power represents the amount of work done by the current per unit time. The greater the power, the faster the electricity consumption. For a laser marking machine, it means that the greater the power, the greater the energy that the laser marking machine can output, the deeper the marking depth, and the wider the marking depth that can be adjusted.

How to choose a laser marking machine with the right power?

It depends on your requirements for the marking depth. For example, the depth that can be marked with 30W is not possible with 20W. 20W can reach the depth, the 30W machine can achieve the same effect by reducing the output power to 20W.

When in use, you can use the card test method to adjust the specific power. Buy a few metal cards, adjust the output power from 10, 15, 20 to the maximum, mark the cards in turn, observe and touch them with your hands, and choose the one with the best effect, which is the best power. If you can’t get the depth you need when you adjust it to the maximum, you can only buy a new one with more power.

Taking into account the greater requirements of later marking products for the depth, when purchasing, generally choose a laser marking machine with a higher power. The adjustable marking depth is wider and the price is not much expensive. If the power is low, you can only buy another one with more power, and the cost will inevitably be much higher.

Why is the price of UV laser marking machine so expensive?

The structure of the UV laser marking machine is the same as that of the fiber laser marking machine. It consists of a UV laser, galvanometer, lens, industrial computer, control card, workbench casing, electronic control device, power supply, red light, pedal, and other original parts.

The optical components of fiber laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine cannot be used in common. The wavelength of the ultraviolet laser is 355nm, and the wavelength of the fiber laser is 1064nm. The wavelength of the ultraviolet laser is the wavelength after the frequency is doubled on the basis of the 1064nm wavelength through technology, and the technical difficulty is higher, which causes the price of the ultraviolet laser to be several times the price of the fiber laser.

The galvanometer and lens of the UV laser marking machine have different coating thickness and material than the fiber laser marking machine, so they cannot be used universally. The galvanometer and lens of the UV laser marking machine are also more expensive. Of course, the price difference between the conventional galvanometer and lens devices on the market is not big, and the main price difference is between the ultraviolet laser and the fiber laser.

On the other hand, UV laser marking machines have relatively higher environmental requirements. Especially water-cooled lasers need to be kept at a constant temperature, so there are higher requirements for accessories. Due to the extremely small focusing spot and the small processing heat affected zone, the ultraviolet laser can perform ultra-fine marking and special material marking. It is the preferred product for customers who have higher requirements for marking effects. In addition to copper materials, UV lasers have a wider range of materials suitable for processing.

UV laser marking machine not only has good beam quality, but also has a smaller focused spot, which can achieve ultra-fine marking; it has a wider range of applications; it has a very small heat-affected area, which will not produce thermal effects and will not cause material scorching problems.

Overall, the price of UV laser marking machine is relatively expensive. It mainly reflected in the high cost of ultraviolet lasers, and the later labor costs are also relatively large.


Consult and communicate with the laser marking machine supplier, and tell clearly your laser marking needs. In this way, not only can you buy laser marking equipment at a reasonable price, but also reduce unnecessary misunderstandings and troubles for future guidance operations.

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