How to adjust the insufficient power of laser marking machine?

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In industrial production, the output power of the laser marking machine may be insufficient. As one of the packaging equipment in the production field, its role in production and processing cannot be ignored. If the failure occurs, the processing efficiency will be reduced or even stagnant.

The troubleshooting methods for the insufficient power of the laser marking machine are as follows:

1. Check the working current: Check whether the power supply is stable and whether the current reaches the rated working current.

2. Check the optical lens surface: Check whether the output lens surface of the collimator is polluted. If there is any pollution, use a cotton swab dipped in anhydrous ethanol to gently wipe it, and be careful not to scratch the coating. Check whether other optical lenses are contaminated, such as red beam combiner, galvanometer, field lens.

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3. Check the isolator: Check whether the output light of the laser is blocked (when installing, make sure that the output end of the isolator and the galvanometer port are on the same horizontal line). Check whether the light spot of the isolator is normal (the light spot is round and has no dark spots).

4. Check the service life: the laser power will be attenuated after 20,000 hours of use, which is a normal power loss.

5. Check for signal interference: A disconnection in the marking process is usually due to signal interference. For this, the leads of weak current and strong current cannot be bundled together or run on the same side. The signal line should be with shielding function; The land is not well contacted.

6. Check the bending of the cable: check whether the bending of the cable is too small.

7. Check the marking parameters: check whether the pulse width frequency has been set within the required range.

During the maintenance and repair of the laser marking machine, some operations need to be completed by professional and technical personnel. Do not disassemble and repair by yourself, otherwise, it will not only damage the performance of the equipment but also may cause damage to the operator.

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