How to adjust the marking depth of UV laser marking machine?

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UV laser marking machine has important applications in marking various products and highlighting anti-counterfeiting performance. The two criteria of marking depth and clarity are important for the security of a product. Because if the marking depth is not enough, it is easy to make the marking unclear, so that the counterfeiters rampant.

How to adjust the marking depth of UV laser marking machine?

1. Increase the laser power.

Laser is the core functional component of laser marking machine. The laser power directly determines the marking depth of the UV laser marking machine. Therefore, increasing the power of the laser marking machine is a very effective method. But it is worth noting that the higher the power of the UV laser marking machine, the higher the price, so choose carefully.

2. Adjust the beam of laser marking machine. Here you need to adjust the laser cavity or replace the light guide material, or upgrade the laser full mirror and output mirror.

3. Replace the field lens of laser marking machine with a smaller one.

4. It is a good method to replace the marking accessories with a high-quality laser group.

5. Slow down the marking speed of UV laser marking machine. Under the premise of the same power and the same other parameters, the slower the marking speed, the deeper the marking depth.

Ultraviolet laser marking machines have important applications in precision equipment and product anti-counterfeiting labels. However, compared with other types of laser marking machines, the price will be slightly higher. So we must pay attention to maintenance after purchasing the UV laser marking machine to improve the service life and save costs.

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