How to adjust the marking speed of laser marking machine?

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In the process of using laser marking machine, if you feel that the marking speed is too slow, how should you set it?

Marking software parameter setting

1. Open the laser marking machine software Ezcad2, we find the default parameter settings on the right side of the software interface and uncheck the Use default param.

Adjust the power to 80

2. Change the Speed value to a larger one. For example, the original speed is 300, which can be changed to 800, or even greater.

3. Change the Power value, which is calculated in percentage. When choosing 50, only half the power is enabled. You can set this power value to greater (such as 60-80), but it is not recommended to set it to 100, because the higher the power, the greater the loss in the later stage.

4. Image processing. You can simplify the marked picture, or reduce the line distance of Hatch, such as 0.05~0.09mm, and then save it.

In general, the faster the laser marking machine is, the lighter the mark will be, the higher the power will be, the deeper the mark will be, and the higher the frequency will be, the denser the mark will be.

The Frequency is generally set between 20 and 50, and cannot exceed 50. The default is generally 20. Then the speed of the laser marking machine cannot be too fast.


The above is a problem with settings. If modifying the parameters is not enough to solve the problem, it is recommended to replace the laser with a higher power. The higher the output of the laser power, the more the selectivity will be, and the effect will be able to meet more demands.

In addition, the power of the laser marking machine will be lost after a few years of use. If the settings are all normal, but you find that the marking speed of the laser marking machine is getting slower and slower, or the printing is getting lighter and lighter, it is probably the laser loss or the focal length of the laser marking machine deviated.

You can try to change the focal length of the laser marking machine. If it still doesn’t work, consider replacing the laser.

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