How to adjust the power and frequency of 20W laser marker for marking deeper?

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20W laser marking machine is often used to mark plastic and metal materials. How to adjust it for marking deeper on the surface of the product?

Metal materials

Adjust the speed, power, and frequency of the laser marking machine.

For the 20w laser marking machine, first adjust the laser marking speed to 100, the power to 100, and the frequency to 50.

speed power 100 50

After this adjustment, the laser marking machine can mark deeper on the surface of the stainless steel material, but this may have a disadvantage. The edge of the marking area may appear yellow and black color. If it is a relatively thin stainless steel plate, it may be deformed.

In addition, if you want the marking effect to be uniform, you can try to adjust the speed to 300, the power to 90, and the frequency to 30, so that the depth of the marking will not be deformed, and there will be no burning.

If the effect is not ideal, we can consider upgrading the laser to 50w.

Plastic materials

It is generally recommended to use a cold laser, that is, an UV laser marking machine, but the cost will be higher. Fiber laser marking machine is cheaper and also has a good performance on plastic materials, but the marking depth on plastic may not be particularly satisfactory.

It is recommended to adjust the marking speed to 1500, the power to 15, and the frequency to default. Then fine-tune the power according to the specific effect.

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