How to Choose the Right Auto Engine Laser Marking Machine?

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The car has been the most common transportation in modern society. In the manufacturing process of cars, the steering wheel, functional panels, buttons, engines and other components need to be marked with proprietary numbers. How to buying the right auto engine laser marking machine?


There are different brands of cheap engine laser marking machines. When choosing one, you can include the fiber laser marking machine price as a reference. A lower price does not mean a bad performance, but if the price is higher, the quality will generally be better.


Different engine laser marking machines have no subtle difference in the working principle, but there are still some differences in the use. Therefore, it will be more accurate to select according to specific needs.

Comparison will also increase the chances of picking a more cost-effective laser marking machine.


The main accessories material of a qualified engine laser marking machine can adapt to lasting use.

The error of equipped stroke controller equipment should be controlled to very low, that is, accurate.

The computer should be easy to operate, be able to accurately count the number, and have the marking content query function, so that the operator can check at any time to avoid the wrong operation of the engine running number.

Practical marking effect

Selection of engine laser marking machine can refer to the sample for test operation.

If it is easy to operate and easy to carry, and at the same time the marking effect is more accurate and clear, it also means that its quality is superior.

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