How to Correct the Wrong Mark of Laser Marking Machine?

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Some people make mistakes when using the laser marking machine. At this time, it is very difficult to change the wrong font or pattern. So is there a way? In fact, there is a way to change it, but the effect is not so ideal.

How to correct the wrong mark

For example, if the marking text is wrong, you can draw a rectangle on the surface of the workpiece, and then fill the rectangle(Hatch) in Ezcad. After filling, place this rectangle to the position that needs to be covered, and then select continuous marking to remove some traces on the surface. Then, mark the correct text again.

In fact, this is also a last resort. This method may obtain different results due to the influence of workpiece material, size, marking type, etc., which will ultimately affect the aesthetics. After all, the laser marking machine itself has the function of anti-counterfeiting because of the permanent marking.

Therefore, it is recommended that when using the laser marking machine, you must first mark the sample. Test the effect first and then mark on the complete product surface. Only in this way can the effect of product laser marking be guaranteed.

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