How to generate and print QR code with Ezcad2?

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Open ezcad2 software, click Draw Text.

qr code 1

Click anywhere with the mouse in the blank area on the right and the default text will appear.


Click the small triangle arrow in the Text column on the left to select “BarCode Font“, then find “QRCODE” in the drop-down box below, and click to select.

Click Apply.

qr code text select

After clicking Apply, the text will automatically turn into a QR code.

qr code ok

At this time, if you need other words or numbers, change the text in the left text box to the text you need to generate the QR code. For example, if you want to generate the text LinxuanLaser, enter LinxuanLaser in the left text box and click Apply.

qr code change LinxuanLaser

When you scan the QR code with Hatch on the right with your mobile phone, LinxuanLaser will be scanned.

If you need to print the QR code on the item, adjust other parameters and click Mark.

qr code marking


If the mark of the QR code is too light to scan, you can use Hatch in the software to fill the QR code area. Then the marked effect of QR code to scan will be ok.

Be sure to click Apply when you’re done changing or setting the font.

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