How to import logo icons in AI format into EzCad2?

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Currently, Ezcad2 can only import AI vector files generated by Adobe Illustrator 3 and Adobe Illustrator 8.

AI files generated by later versions of Adobe Illustrator cannot be directly imported into Ezcad but can be saved as AI files of lower versions through Adobe Illustrator software.

ai file imported error of ezcad2

How to import an AI format file into EzCad2?

Let’s take Adobe Illustrator 2020 as an example.

First, Save As the graphics created with Illustrator 2020 in AI format.

Then click Save and the Adobe Illustrator version and compatibility settings dialog box will pop up.

Adobe Illustrator version and Compatibility settings dialog box

Here select Illustrator 3 or Illustrator 8 version.

Then open the laser marking software EZCAD2, select ‘File‘ – ‘Import Vector File‘, and then adjust the image size to mark.

import vector file
import ai vector file

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