How to Judge the Performance Advantages From the Effect of UV Laser Marking Machine?

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As we all know, UV laser marking machine uses a high-energy-density laser to perform local “cold processing” irradiation on the workpiece, so that the surface material vaporizes or undergoes a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark. There are many manufacturers of laser marking equipment, we can judge the performance of this laser marking machine from the effect of marking.

1. Let’s look at the marking fineness of the UV laser marking machine first. Because the higher the fineness, the more exquisite the engraved pattern, which will improve the quality of the product. The method of comparing the fineness of laser marking machines is very simple. Directly use the laser marking equipment to print a thin line. The model with higher fineness has a narrower line width.

2. Compare the marking speed of UV laser marking machine. For users, production efficiency often represents its profitability. In the case of the same marking effect and the same marking fineness, we should compare the marking speed of the marking machines, that is, the length of time to complete the same pattern or text.

3. In addition, for users, the stability and reliability of the equipment are often very worthy of attention. However, it is difficult for users to judge the stability of a specific laser marking machine before using it. Here, we can open the machine to see the specification of its internal wiring and the location of details such as wire connectors. Manufacturers who do this better tend to produce machines that are more stable.

4. In addition to the above points, we should also compare the marking format, flat field correction, linear compensation and other details of different laser marking machines according to our own needs, so as to choose a machine with better quality. In addition, according to the specific usage, compare the price to choose a cost-effective laser marking machine.

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