How to Maintain the Laser Marking Machine?

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How to maintain the laser marking machine?

Laser marking machine is a kind of professional engraving equipment integrating light, machine, and electricity. Whether it is used for manufacturing or for DIY personalization, it is popular in all walks of life. Because of the relatively expensive price, laser marker maintenance has also been paid attention to.

After the laser marking machine is used for a period of time, if daily maintenance is not paid attention to, its functions are susceptible to certain losses, which will directly affect the marking effect, marking speed, and the life of the laser equipment.

Therefore, we need to regularly maintain the laser marking machine.

How many years can a laser marking machine be used?

The number of years a laser marking machine can be used is related to many external factors, such as the working environment. Here to exclude external factors to say how many years a laser marking machine can be used.

There are three commonly used laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, and UV laser marking machine, each of which has a different service life.

1. The service life of the fiber laser marking machine is 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to 11.4 years. Fiber lasers are the cheapest option and the most used lasers.

2. The characteristics of CO2 lasers are relatively rich spectral lines, high optical quality of the output beam, good coherence, narrow line width, and stable operation. CO2 laser has relatively large power and relatively high energy conversion efficiency, and the energy conversion efficiency can reach 30~40%, which also exceeds the general gas laser. The service life of the CO2 laser is generally 40,000 hours, it needs to be inflated after 4w hours, and then it can be used again.

3. The effective light-emitting time of a UV laser is 12,000 to 14,000 hours. According to the average used power and working time, the effective working time of the ultraviolet laser is 2 to 3 years.

In fact, the service life mentioned above does not mean that it cannot be used after that time, but it is related to some of the usual operations, which will lead to equipment loss during use, not to say that it cannot be used at all after 100,000 hours.

When we use a new machine, it is not necessary to turn on the power of the machine to the maximum. For example, when the new equipment starts to work, the laser power can be set to 50%, and the speed is 500. Change according to usage.

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How to maintain the laser marking machine?

laser marker function keys and indicators

Pay attention before use

1. Check whether the laser marking equipment grounding is secure and whether the power cord and plug are intact to avoid leakage accidents.

2. Check whether the laser marking software settings have changed and whether the function keys and indicators are normal.

3. For the maintenance of the galvanometer, avoid being close to objects with strong magnetic, strong electricity, and strong seismic current, and avoid touching the galvanometer with hands and objects. If the lens has dust, you can wipe it with a rag and a small amount of alcohol, pay attention to one-way wipe.

4. The working environment of the laser marking machine must be kept dry and ventilated.

After using the laser marking device

The surface of the workbench, monitor, and keyboard must be wiped clean with a clean rag, and the garbage should be removed in time, especially the metal residues or metal powder after marking.

Clean the surrounding area and keep it well-ventilated.

Note: When shutting down the machine, please turn off the laser power first, and then close the laser marking software, otherwise it will damage the life of the laser.

Daily maintenance

1. Check whether the field lens is dirty, wipe it with lens cleaning paper.  

2. Check whether the focal length is within the standard focal length range, and test that the laser reaches a strong state.

3. Check whether the parameter setting screen on the laser is normal and whether the laser parameters are in the setting range.

4. Confirm that the switch is normal and effective, and check whether the power is on after pressing the switch, and whether the laser is working normally.

5. Check whether the machine is normally turned on, and whether the machine main switch, laser control switch, and laser marking system switch are normally turned on.

6. Clean the internal dust, dirt, and foreign matter of the laser marking equipment. Use a vacuum cleaner, alcohol, and dust-free cloth to remove dust, dirt, and foreign matter.

Change the field lens

Weekly maintenance

1. Keep the machine clean. Clean the surface and interior of the laser marking device.

2. Check whether the laser light output is normal, open the laser marking software, and start manual marking for laser testing.

3. To clean the laser field lens, first wipe it in one direction with a special lens wiping paper dipped in alcohol, and then wipe it with a dry wiping paper.

4. Check whether the red light preview can be turned on normally, the laser parameters in the set range, and turn on the red light correction on the laser marking software.

adjust the focal length

Monthly maintenance

1. Check whether the light path of the red light preview is offset, and perform red light correction.

2. Check whether the laser emitted has weakened, and use a power meter to test.

3. Check whether the lifting guide rail is loose, whether there is abnormal noise or oil leakage, clean it with a dust-free cloth, and add lubricating oil.    

4. Check whether the power plug and the connectors of the connecting wires are loose and whether there is any bad contact.

5. Clean up the dust at the air outlet of the laser to ensure normal heat dissipation. Clean foreign objects such as dust and waste nodes inside the device, and use a vacuum cleaner, alcohol, and a dust-free cloth to remove dust, dirt, and foreign objects.

Half year maintenance

1. Check whether the cooling fan of the laser is rotating normally, and clean up the dust on the laser power supply and the control board.        

2. Check whether the movement shafts are loose, make abnormal noises, and run smoothly. Clean them with a dust-free cloth and add lubricating oil.

Precautions for use

1. To prevent electric shock, do not operate with wet hands.

2. Please wear protective glasses when working to avoid strong light stimulation to hurt your eyes.

3. Specific system parameters cannot be changed at will without the permission of the laser marking equipment technician.

4. Special attention, it is forbidden to place your hands within the laser scanning range when using it.

5. When the laser marker is improperly operated and an emergency occurs, press the power off button immediately.

6. During the operation of the laser marking machine, do not put your head and hands into the machine to avoid personal injury.

7. During the working process of the computerized engraving machine, please do not cover or stack other items on the machine, so as not to affect the heat dissipation effect of the machine.

8. When the laser marking system is not working, you need to cut off all the power, when the machine fails, you should cut off the power as soon as possible. Cover the objective lens to prevent dust from polluting the optical lens.

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