How to Mark Black Text or Image on Metal by Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

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In general, many people choose to use the mopa laser marking machine with a better black marking effect, but its price may be slightly more expensive.

Here we mainly introduce how to mark black text or images through an ordinary fiber laser marking machine in EzCad2.

Method One

Adjust the power to 80, the speed to 100, and the frequency to 20.

Up out of focus by about 3mm – which means, for example, the accurate focal length is 15cm, then add 3mm to this 15cm, which is 15.3cm.

Use the Hatch function and adjust the Line Distance to 0.05.

This method is relatively slow. Some thin metal plates may be deformed, but not necessarily, and the specifics must be tested first.

Method Two

Adjust the power to 80, the speed a little faster to 350, and the frequency to 50.

Up out of focus by 1mm.

Adjust the Line Distance of Hatch to 0.1.

The marking speed of this method is about 4 times faster, and the material will not be deformed, which is a little better than the first method.

Of course, this still depends on the material – try to test more.

If you want to mark white text, adjust according to speed and power. Try to turn down the power, and then increase the speed to make the white mark.

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