How to Mark Cylindrical Workpieces With Laser Marking Machine?

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Laser marking machine can mark cylindrical workpieces through the rotary marking function of Ezcad.

Laser rotary marking is synchronous tracking to engrave the arc workpiece.

Under the control of the laser marking software Ezcad, one axis of the motor in the galvanometer rolls, and the other axis remains stationary, and cooperates with the rolling of the motor in the rotating accessories to complete the text and pattern processing on the arc workpiece.

Laser rotary marking is widely used for the arc surface of cylindrical workpieces with light weight and small diameter. Now, with the continuous improvement of the functions of laser marking machines, the laser can continuously circle more than one circle on the arc surface that needs to be marked.

The dynamic rotating marking text, symbol and graphics has smooth connection and no breakpoints. It is used in many fields in current processing and production, such as machinery, clocks, toys, stationery, electronic industry, automobile manufacturing and so on.

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