How to mark on cylindrical surface by laser marker?

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Laser marking on the cylindrical surface is actually very simple. It only needs to add a rotating axis to solve it, that is, the rotating fixture.

rotating fixture

Connect this accessory to the laser mark control board of the laser marking machine. Then, the rotating axis is controlled by the software Ezcad, and the marking on the cylindrical surface can be realized.

1. Open Ezcad and import the icons or vector graphics we need. Change the size according to the actual situation, then use the “hatch” function.

2. Select the “Laser” menu, click “SplitMark2“. Then check Mark Selected, Force split, and Force all split.

splitmark2 for circle
splitmark setup

3. Click Param(F3) and check Enable. Change the number of Step per rotation to 12,800, Min Coor. to 10,000, Max Coor. to 10,000, Min Speed to 1000, Max Speed to 5000, and Acc. time 200. Check Finish goto start postion, and then change the Speed to 5000.

splitmark axis

4. Check Rotate Axis, Gear Rotio is 1, and the Part Diameter is the actual size. Others do not need to be changed. Click OK.

Through the above steps, you can complete the tutorial of laser marking on cylindrical surface. This method is used for the laser marking machine with a rotating axis. If there is not this part or the laser mark control board does not support the rotating marking, laser marking on the cylindrical surface can’t be completed. You may try to use the dynamic galvanometer of curved surface.

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