How to mark the diameter symbol by laser marking machine?

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How to make diameter symbols and some special symbols by laser marking machine?

Method 1

We can use Google to search the diameter symbol on the Internet and copy it, select the Draw Text tool in the marking software EzCad, paste it in the input box, and click Apply. You can also directly copy “Ø” in this article.

use Google to search the diameter symbol
Draw Text tool in the marking software EzCad

Method 2

Press and hold the Alt key with the keyboard first, then enter 0216 with the keypad numbers on the keyboard, and then release the Alt key and the diameter symbol will appear.

Method 3

Find the complete list of symbols in the input software.

Sometimes the problem of garbled characters occurs because the current font does not display this symbol. This font can be replaced with other suitable fonts that can be displayed normally.

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