How to prevent the frosting phenomenon of laser marking machine?

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The frosting of the laser marking machine in summer is because the water cooler will cool the laser module, which will cause the module temperature to be lower than the outside temperature and to condense. This phenomenon can reduce the performance of the laser marking machine and even damage the equipment.

Especially in high temperature summer, this often happens. So, how to avoid this phenomenon?

First: The laser marking machine system should be prohibited from working in a high humidity environment, and ensure that the ambient humidity is lower than 60%.

When the temperature difference between the laser crystal and the ambient temperature is too large, it may cause the laser crystal to condense water vapor, resulting in the power drop or damage of the laser marking machine.

Therefore, when the ambient temperature is much higher than the set temperature of the water tank, it is strictly forbidden to set the laser marking machine system to work alone without turning on the water cooler.

Second: when starting, first turn on the cooler, wait for the cooler temperature to be lower than 30°C, turn on the power, and slowly adjust the current to about 10A; when the cooler temperature is displayed at the working temperature, then slowly adjust the current to the working current.

Third: When shutting down, please slowly reduce the current to about 10A and stop the output power, then turn off the power, and then turn off the chiller as soon as possible.

If the laser marking machine is currently not working, the cooling temperature can be appropriately increased. Make sure to use the laser marking system in the designated environment.

Therefore, to avoid this, we ask customers to set the temperature generally around 28 (depending on the room temperature). If the indoor temperature is too high, it must be cooled by external conditions, such as installing an air conditioner or using a fan.

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