How to Replace the Galvo of Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

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Generally, there are three conditions that fiber laser marking machine must remove and replace the galvo.

1. The galvo is destroyed and does not want to be serviced.

2. The scanner head should be removed for repair, and then reinstalled.

3. The galvo is old. If it does not reach the regulations, a new one must be replaced.

No matter which of the above conditions, 2 processes need to be selected:

Disassemble and install.

However, in the above three situations, the fiber laser marker customers should pay attention to the working voltage of scanner head is reasonable. Each positive and negative working voltage of the galvo needs to be appropriate, and then the power cord does not need to be flipped.

Galvo removal and replacement of fiber laser marking machine

1. Turn off the power.

2. Twist the screws of the scanner header cover and remove the relevant partitions (note that some drivers of the galvo are also assembled on the partition, be careful when disassembling).

3. Loosen the bandage connected between scanner header and the driver.

4. Remove the motor cable between the X, Y galvo motor and the driver board, and the power plug and power cord on its drive board.

5. First remove the driver board. The X and Y drive boards are removed first to see if there are obstacles.

6. Remove the Y motor. Gradually loosen the fixed clip of the Y motor. When you can move the Y motor, carefully pull out the motor along the installation hole parallel plane.

7. Remove the X motor.You must pay attention to this step that when loosening the X motor clamping block, hold the X motor to avoid damage caused by the landing.

8. Pack the items that has just been removed.

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