How to set serial number for laser marking machine?

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Many companies need to use laser marking machines to mark serial numbers on products.

How to set the serial number in Ezcad2?

1. Open Ezcad2, first click Draw Text, add a paragraph of text.

2. Check Enable variable text in the lower left corner of the software, and click Add.

SN enable variable text

3. Enter the Text element window and select the Serial number.

4. Set the Start serial number, and then the Current serial number which is the first serial number of the start of marking. Then set the Limit serial number which is the number of serial numbers we want to end. The Increment is generally 1, such as 123456. Option 2 is 2468 10. Then click OK.

Enter the Text element window and select the Serial number

Follow the above steps to set the serial number of the laser marking machine.

Practical operation

If you want to mark numbers from 1000 to 1500, click Add to enter the Serial number, Start is 1000, Current is also set to 1000, Limit is 1500, and the Increment is 1. In this way, the first marked number is 1000, the second one is 1001, the third one is 1002, until 500 serial numbers are marked.

sn start 1000- 1500

If this serial number is mixed with letters, you can click on the Fixed text, enter the letters we want to add, and then add the serial number in order, which becomes AB1000, AB1001.

serial number is mixed with letters

We can also create a file to add the serial numbers.

Prepare the file with Excel. The text is arranged up and down, one per line. Or set our classification in the first column, for example, the first column has the product model, production date, and factory date. Then go down.

Serial number laser marking generally adopts flying laser marking machine, that is, an assembly line laser marking machine, which can realize fully automatic mechanical marking.

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