How to Set System Info Backup and Recovery?

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Configuration Import/Export

Use this function to load the backup configuration files or export the current configuration files for backup.

Configuration Import/Export


1. Select “File” from Menu Bar and click “Configuration Import/Export.”

2. Select the items and click “…” to select the folder user want to export or import, then click “Import” or “Export” button. If the name of lens has already existed, the system will pop a warning dialog box. Please notice that “*Jen (Lens cor. File) is only used for version 2.4, so it can only be import.

import exist file

3. Restart the program.

Auto Save

Activate 「Auto Save」function can help users to save the editing file automatically to avoid losing the data. Users can enable this function from「File Menu」→「Options」→「Edit」→「Auto Save」.

auto save

Auto Save Rule

Auto-save at a fixed time

The system will save the documents automatically every time period user setted in the field.

When close document

Default action while closing document.

Ask save document or not

Ask if save document or not.

Auto save document

Executing auto save when closing the document every time.

Not save document

Close document directly.

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