How to set the marking order in the laser marking machine software?

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Many times we need to mark multiple text or graphic objects at the same time in the process of using the laser marking machine. At this time, we may need to distinguish the order of marking.

How to set the marking order?

1. First open the laser marking machine software Ezcad2. For example, we want to type ABC three paragraphs of text.

2. After the three texts of ABC are created, they can be arranged at will in the work area. There will be three text objects in the “Object List” Window on the left side of the software. These three text objects are arranged in the order of 123 from top to bottom.

If you want the text B to be marked first

3. Select the second text with the mouse, and the text Bb in the work area will appear selected. If you want the text B to be marked first, in the object list window, right-click the mouse, a window will appear that moves to previous and next, move it to the front. At this time, Bb becomes the first, that is, you will start marking first. We can also hold down the left mouse button to drag its position.

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