How to set the skip marking of laser marker?

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The so-called number increment marking is the variable set in the laser marking software Ezcad. This function can realize that after marking once, the value of the next marking will increase in an orderly manner.

How to set the number increment marking?

Take 1000 serial numbers as an example:

1. We create a new text in Ezcad and change it to 1000.

variable SN

2. Check Enable variable Text, and then click Add.

3. Select the Serial number. The start number is 1000, and then the Current number is also 1000. The Limit is 2000 (meaning that it will not increase until 2000). The Increment is 1, which is 1001, 1002. If the number is changed to 2, it is 1002 and 1004.

variable SN increment

The above is the tutorial on the number increment setting of the laser marking machine.

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