How to Solve the Welding Cracks Problem of Laser Welding Machine?

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How to Solve the Welding Cracks Problem of Laser Welding Machine?

Currently many welding operations are done by laser welding machines. When using this type of laser welding equipment, many problems are often encountered due to various reasons. Among them, cracks in the welding process have caused headaches for many operators.

How to solve the laser welding cracks problem?

First, pay attention to debugging of the new purchased laser welding machine.

The debugging of the laser welding machine manufacturer is particularly important. When it comes to laser welding cracks, start with the equipment’s protective airflow.

Usually too large flow of protective gas will appear cracks. Therefore, not the larger the protective gas setting is the better, here it is recommended to adjust it according to the actual operational needs.

Second, in fact, laser welding machine operation cracks, in many cases are not the problem of the equipment itself.

The laser welding machine manufacturers pointed out that the cooling rate of the workpiece is easy to ignore, but is the key to determine whether the cracks occur.

If the cooling speed of the workpiece is too fast, the temperature on the fixture will not meet the cooling requirements. In this case the water temperature should be increased to reduce the probability of cracks.

Third, the cleaning of workpieces.

Now there are still many companies using laser welding machine ignore the importance of workpiece cleaning.

Cleaning the workpiece can also reduce the probability of cracks.

In addition, pay attention to the workpiece with the gap and burrs, etc.. Many cracks are caused by the lack of precision of the workpiece.

The above are the situation and causes of cracks in the laser welding machine during the operation.

So when it comes to welding cracks, you should start from these aspects and check the causes of cracks one by one.

Attention should be paid to the maintenance and debugging of the laser welding machine every time, especially when the parameters of the welding operation change.

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