How to thicken the marking border line in EzCad?

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The thickness of the frame line marked by the laser marking machine is fixed, so when making a product nameplate, there will be a problem that the line is not thick enough.

How should it be solved?

The following is a tutorial on increasing the border line thickness in EzCad2.

1. Draw two rectangles in EzCad.

2. Change the length and width of rectangle 1 to 30×30, and then change rectangle 2 to 33×33.

Draw two rectangles in EzCad

3. Move the 30×30 rectangle to the inside of 33×33 (drag with the mouse, or you can click the “Put to Origin” icon, or directly adjust the position x y value in the left rectangle parameter).

4. Select two rectangles and click the “Group” icon.

Select two rectangles and click "Group" icon

5. Click the “Hatch” icon, and a thicker border will appear. Then change the length and width according to your needs.

Click the "Hatch" icon

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