How to Uninstall the Portable Type Laser Source?

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Uninstall the screws here which installed the fiber cable connected laser source.

(Please take care of the screws, parts screws are different. So, it is best to put them separately, you can take a photo before taking off to know how to install them after getting the source back.)

uninstall the screws of fiber cable

Take off the back cover.

back cover of laser head

Take off the cover on the laser arm. (Pull back first)

cover of laser arm

Take off the screws here (Screws can be left on it after taking off the round part optical isolation so that screws will not be confused with other screws.)

screws of optical isolation
screws of optical isolation 2

Take out this part very carefully with the below steps:

take out 1
take out 2

Take off the black cover on the yellow fiber cable. Take care of this yellow fiber cable.

cover of yellow fiber cable

Take off the round part from the hole.

round part

Find something like the below picture to cover the top. If not, please find plastic like the following photo to avoid dust getting in. And then packed it tightly with adhesive tape.  

cover the top

Plastic to cover the top.

cover the top 2

Take off the screws on the port which the fiber cable passes through.

screws on the port

Loosen the plug on the laser source.


Take off the cable which connects with the laser source. It has some letters on it.

source cable

Take off the screws on the laser source with this tool.

laser source screws
fiber laser
fiber laser 2

Take off the laser source with the optical isolation.

fiber laser source

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