Basic Operating Steps: How to Use a Laser Marking Machine?

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how to use a laser marking machine

The laser marking machine has good beam quality, small size, high marking accuracy, and the speed is 3 times that of the traditional machine. Usually, it does not need to replace the water, change the light, or adjust the optical path. The life span is up to 100,000 hours. There is no depletion of materials.

But in order for the laser marking machine to have quality work, some necessary preparatory work needs to be carried out.

Check Before Operating Laser Marking Machine

1. Check the cooling fan

Before using the laser marking machine, check whether its cooling fan is normal. The laser and galvanometer power of the laser marking machine can be started only under normal conditions, otherwise, the service life of the laser marking machine will be affected.

2. Check the voltage protection

If you are not sure whether the voltage is stable, you can equip the laser marking machine with a power regulator to work in a stable state. Once the power supply or other abnormal conditions occur during work, do not panic, turn off the main power switch, and check the cause of the failure after three minutes.

3. Check the working environment

Some working environments are not conducive to the normal operation of laser marking machines. Do not work in airtight conditions, as it is easy to generate static electricity. The workplace should be well-ventilated. The air humidity should be above 80%. If it is too low, static electricity will be generated. If it is too high, it will damage the electronic parts of the laser marker.

4. Regularly clean the dust

The laser marking machine needs to clean the dust from the inside to the outside every once in a while. Otherwise, the normal work of the laser marking machine will be affected. It also leads to the inflexibility of the small electronic components inside.

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5. Installation and handling

When installing, pay attention to the grounding of the whole machine. Pay attention to the power connection, otherwise, abnormal power failure may lead to abnormal work of the equipment.

6. Glasses

Professional safety glasses must be worn before work.

7. Operating Instructions

Understand the operating instructions required for the operation and prepare the corresponding tools and products on time.

marking operating instructions and tools

Basic Marking Steps of Laser Marking Machine

Turn on the machine – Import files – Set parameters – Start marking – Turn off the machine.

The specific marking steps of the laser marker are as follows.

I. Turn on the machine

1. Check the power cord of the laser marking machine to make it connect correctly and reliably.

2. Insert the key switch and rotate 90 degrees clockwise to the “on” position to turn on the main power. The power indicator light will be on.

3. Confirm the laser head mushroom button (emergency stop switch) is pressed.

4. Open the computer monitor and host power switch.

5. Rotate the red mushroom button along the direction of the arrow, so that it pops up, you can turn on the laser head power. After about 1 minute, the laser head start was completed.

6. Remove the lens cover. So far, the laser marking machine is open and can accept the operator’s command for marking.

II. Marking

1. Double-click the laser marking software icon (such as Ezcad2) to enter the program.

How to Install the Driver for Ezcad2?

2. Select the marking file, check, and modify the date and time in the content.

III. Marking test and printing position

1. On the workbench or production line, place a test piece of equal height to the original workpiece (preferably choose the original workpiece as the test one), and make sure it is indeed placed steadily.

2. Marking is performed by operating the software. In order to make the best marking effect, the following operations can be performed.

①Adjust the focal length by adjusting the laser head lifting device.

adjust the focal length - laser head lifting

②Adjust the power, marking speed, and other parameters in the marking software.

③Adjust the printing position to the appropriate place.

3. After completing the above steps, you can print the test.

4. After the test is correct, re-mark the workpiece.

IV. Start marking

V. Turn off the machine

After the processing is completed, the operation steps to shut down the laser marking machine are as follows.

1. Press the red mushroom button (emergency stop switch) to cut off the laser head power.

2. To confirm that the computer is not running any marking software, then exit normally and shut down the machine.

3. Rotate the key switch 90 degrees counterclockwise to the “off” position, and turn off the laser marking machine’s total power supply, and power indicator off.

4. Unplug the key and have someone keep it for the next use.

5. Cover the lens cover.

The above is the basic process of laser machine marking operation, and strict implementation of the operating procedures to avoid injuries.

What Should Be Paid Attention to in the Operation of Laser Marking Machine?

1. Comply with the safety operation rules of the laser marking machine. Start the laser marking equipment in strict accordance with the startup procedure.

2. The operator should be trained, familiar with the structure and performance of the laser marking machine, and master the relevant knowledge of the operating system.

3. Wear labor protection equipment as required. Wear approved safety glasses near the laser beam.

4. Do not process the material without knowing whether it can be irradiated or heated by the laser to avoid the potential danger of fumes and vapors.

5. When the laser marking machine is started, the operator shall not leave the post without authorization or entrust others to stay and be responsible. When you really need to leave, you should stop or cut off the power switch.

6. Keep fire extinguishers within easy reach. Turn off the laser when not processing. Do not place paper, cloth, or other flammable materials near the unprotected laser beam.

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