How to Use the Function of Align Light?

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Mark Preview

This function is used to position the marking object. The interface shows as Fig. It uses align light instead of laser to display marking route on work piece. Users can adjust the position of work piece to fit the marking area through this function.

mark sample

Speed: Movingspeed of align light.

Position: Click the four arrows around the control lever in Fig.5.1.01 to move the align light, and the moving distance depends on X or Y value which is set at “Unit.”

Preview Mode

Bounding: The preview only shows the marking frame.

Full Path: The preview shows the whole marking path.

Selected Only: Preview the selected object only.

Mark On Fly: Preview the marking position under “Mark On Fly” mode.

Preview: Start preview.

Align Adjust

If the position of laser does not match with align light, users can use this function to adjust the offset, scale, and rotate angle of the align light, see Fig.

align adjust

Offset: Adjust the align light’s offset of X or Y direction.

Scale: Adjust the align light’s scale of X or Y.

Rotate: Adjust the angle of align light.

Mark Sample: Execute marking directly.

Align Light Test

Set the parameters for align light.

align test


Adjust the speed of the align light. Modify it by key in the value or move the scrollbar directly. The maximum speed is 6000 mm/sec.
X: Click “X” button, the align light will shift toward the X direction.
Y: Click “Y” button, the align light will shift toward the Y direction.
Stop: Click “Stop” button and the align light will stop.


X: Set the shift distance of X direction (unit: mm).
Y: Set the shift distance of X direction (unit: mm).
Go: Click the button and the align light will adjust the X/Y position according to the X/Y value.

How to Control Align Light with MC-1 and MC-3?

The default settings of align light of MC-1 and MC-3 Controller is disabled. If users want to enable this function, please follow the steps listed below:

Step 1

To enable the align light control, users need to use “Notepad” to open the driver’s *.cfg file they use (for example, standard_co2.cfg)which is under the path of “MarkingMate Insatllation Folder (for example:

C:\Program Files\MarkingMate)\Drivers\MCx\cfg”, see Fig.

Modifies one of the line “Align_Out=0” to become “Align_Out=3”. (0 means function disabled, 3 means the third output will be defined as align control.) There are total 16 outputs can be defined, please refer to the description of MC-1 or MC-3 controller user manual. And then save the file.


Step 2

Restart the MarkingMate software. Go to the “Property Table – Driver” page, and click “I/O Test” button, then will see a dialog box like Fig that the third output is lighted. If users have connected
the third output point of MC-1 or MC-3 controller to the right position of the laser machine, then they can use the button to control the align light in the software already.

io test

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